Block and remove those annoying EU cookie messages on websites

Death to the cookie notices!

Since the Netherlands created a law where webmasters were required to ask their visitor’s permission to place cookies on their computer, the EU followed with their version. But that one only required webmaster to notify their users about them using cookies, without having to offer an alternative.

These messages are very annoying! Especially if you have to click them away on every single website you visit! That’s why soemone created a great list for ublock Origin, named Prebake, which you can find on Github. This list contains a lot of websites that show such messages and hide them automatically as soon as you visit that website. The process mostly is unnoticeable. But that list has not been updated since a year and that’s why I took over to keep maintaining the list. My list is called Custom Prebake and you can find it at, more specifically here:

If you haven’t uBlock Origin installed, you can do so by going to the Firefox Add-on website or the Chrome web store.

When the uBlock origin add-on is installed, click on the gray title to open the menu:
uBlock Origin screen

Go to third party libraries and paste the link to the raw version of my list in the textfield, the link is: Save and now you’re done!

Third party list

Next time you visit a website that’s in my up-to-date list, the cookie message shouldn’t be displayed. If not, you can also file an issue at the Gitlab’s project page.

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