How to fix UEFI boot with startup.nsh and Antergos Linux in Virtualbox

If you’re installing Antergos in UEFI mode in Virtualbox, things won’t go so smoothly because you’ll need to setup the EFI boot. You’ll get a message like this:

EFI boot

After that it’ll go into the UEFI Interactive Shell. There, you’ll have to edit the startup.nsh script to add the efi file.

Type FS0: and press enter to open the filesystem
Type edit startup.nsh and press enter to open the editor
Type \EFI\antergos_grub\grubx64.efi and press CTRL + Q to quit, but it asks you to save the file. Do that and press enter again and CTRL + Q again to exit for real.
Type reset and press enter to restart the virtual machine and it should boot your Antergos Linux OS properly.

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